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Motor vehicles will need regular maintenance and repairs from time to time. If you are the owner of a quality car then you must have the assurance that your vehicle will be professionally attended to. That the car will be serviced by a registered dealer. There should be no short cuts or any sub standard parts used. The solution is available, as an AUDI SERVICE MELBOURNE company can provide this.


Active Motorwerke, as the name suggests, are specialists in quality German motor vehicles, including Porsche, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. So a reliable AUDI SERVICE MELBOURNE company should be the first port of call if any work is needed on your car.

Audi Services available.

Up to date and advanced diagnostic equipment will be used on each vehicle. The Audi will be serviced strictly according to the manufacturer’s log book. AUDI SERVICE MELBOURNE services as delivered by Active Motorwerke will only use genuine replacement parts. A new car’s warranty will be maintained. A courtesy car is available if requested. Check out Active Motorwerke.

The overall Audi service will cover the following:

  • Full engine service: Genuine or “after market” oil filter, Castrol 5W30 “full” synthetic engine oil will be used. There will be a full inspection underneath the vehicle.
  • A brake fluid “flush” service.
  • A full vehicle inspection according to Audi specifications.
  • Braking components can be replaced if necessary. They will be replaced either with genuine Audi parts or “high end” “aftermarket” products.
  • Diagnostic testing: full diagnostic testing can be undertaken using Audi diagnostic equipment. If a fault is found then a full repair can be arranged on both electrical and mechanical components.
  • Additional parts: both genuine Audi and aftermarket parts are available to enhance your Audi. These include the “Gthaus Meisterschaft” performance exhaust, the IPE performance exhaust, and ECU flush tuning.

Active Motorwerke is based in Burwood, Brisbane, Victoria. You may well be asking this question,

“Where can I find an Audi Service Centre near me?”. The Audi Australian website provides a very comprehensive “dealer locator” on their website. This way you should easily be able to find the best Audi Service Centre nearest to you.

At some point, maybe through no fault of your own, you will be involved in some kind of an accident. All these German cars have excellent safety features, but considerable repair work may be needed if your vehicle has been “smashed” up. Active Motorwerke does have an affordable BMW smash repair center.

It can provide up to five specialist technicians, eight work stations, and four “Molnar” hoists. Full body work and spraying equipment are available. Only genuine parts along with the best products will be used in any repair work.

As with all the other “high end” German motor vehicles, the same very high level of service will be provided for BMW, as it is for Audi and Mercedes etc. All efforts will be made to look after your car at a very reasonable price. This makes Active Motorwerke a quite affordable BMW service centre.

For more information on the services on offer from Active Motorwerke, please visit this website:



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