Enrolling in an Online PhD Course Program: The Pros and Cons of Online Universities

According to recent surveys on higher education programs, the highest occurrence of dropouts are normally among students in doctoral programs where the average student dropout rate is 43%. This just proves that many people just don’t manage to go through getting their PhD since it takes more time and money. If you have any academic ambitions, getting a PhD can add value to your career, but it always comes with hardship. Thankfully, you can earn your doctorate in online education institutions today without the extra cost and inconvenience.

Listed below are the pros and cons you should consider:


1.       Online courses not only cost less in tuition, but also allow you to save expenses from transportation, renting an apartment, lunch, and even on clothes.

2.       Earning your doctorate in online education institutions today can let you study at home without distractions.

3.       You can manage your time better and work to earn your keep while studying.


1.       You might feel a bit isolated from the lack of human interaction.

2.       It will take longer to complete.

3.       Limited specialty and course choices.

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